B.C. NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert introduces transgender rights bill

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      Spencer Chandra Herbert says transgender people should be explicitly protected from discrimination by the B.C. Human Rights Code.

      The NDP MLA for Vancouver-West End is introducing in the legislature today (May 26) a member’s bill called the Gender Identity and Expression Human Rights Recognition Act.

      Herbert’s legislation would add “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the prohibited grounds for discrimination in the code.

      “While the courts have read certain protections for gender identity and expression into our human rights legislation, it is important for the government to recognize transgendered people, by explicitly including them in the human rights code,” Chandra Herbert said in a news release. “Transgendered people still face incredible barriers to employment and housing, and face discrimination and the threat of violence almost everywhere they go.”

      In the NDP release, Marie Little, chair of the Trans Alliance Society, said the bill would make it clear to employers, landlords, and restaurateurs that transgender people are protected.

      Earlier this year, during an interview with the Straight, Little had called on the B.C. Liberal and NDP leadership contenders to enshrine transgender rights in the code.

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      NDP Sucks

      May 26, 2011 at 1:31pm

      The NDP is waging thought-crime against anyone who dare laugh at a crossdresser. Thank jeebus the cons have a majority.

      Mike Puttonen

      May 26, 2011 at 2:45pm

      I hope the Premier gets behind this. If she's any kind of a Capitalist, she will. In business...irrational fears, bigotry, sectarianism...all hinder the "invisible hand". Let's be done with fears and get on with our mutual "rational" self interest in a vibrant economy that is shutting out no-one.

      I other words, if Grampa has a problem, then he can sell the motel to someone who doesn't.


      May 28, 2011 at 7:31pm

      "laugh at a crossdresser"

      If you read the article, you certainly didn't understand it.

      glen p robbins

      May 29, 2011 at 9:18am

      I think all people - should have equal human rights no matter - yet having been screwed out of a very successful publishing business - by an ex business partners crazy daughter and her equally crazy friends accuse me of harassment by staring (for a year and one half---stayed on the job for a year and on half-- (when my older manager was originally accused until they found out he was legally blind//think about that for a moment// - and having my lawyer disbarred just prior to--exposing the changed complaints/testimony -- all based on NDP social engineering - could not cross testimony) would not ever support any more of this - ever.

      What might seem fair on its face - can translate to an absolute disaster once in play ------------ as it was under former BC NDP Attorney General (Dosanjh) and kook squad leader Mary Woo Sims--

      we need to stop this human rights tribunal nonsense ---- and permit those persons who believe their human rights have been harmed-- to go to provincial court - special registry-- where they can commence claims at no cost if accepted--and receive some legal guidance - but NOT in a quasi criminal context as the BC Human Rights Tribunal is --- this is crazy pure and simple. Two punks rape torture and murder a young woman--laugh about it and might be out in ten years - me and a blind guy allegedly stare to 18 months - and I end up with a ruined business - and much worse-------that my friends is just one sordid story from this ridiculous BCHRT

      I was forced to confront an ----unequivocally provable lie---- from one end to the next - perjury by lawyers - Tribunal members--and lost millions of dollars-millions of hard earned independent dollars//that no elected official in this province could have produced - because of policy on the crazy--by appointed people with control issues and little or no discernable skill sets.

      Sorry - these are the facts - and don't think it couldn't happen to you.

      Say No to BCHRT--

      Amy Fox

      Jun 14, 2011 at 5:15pm

      I know transsexual women who have been repeatedly assaulted only for looking different - then interrogated by (taxpayer-funded) police officers who assume she must have started fights with a series of unrelated drunken young men (who remain uninjured).

      I have seen butch women fired for getting a haircut.

      I have seen FtMs have to leave public schools where they feared for their lives and the (taxpayer funded) administration refused to intervene.

      I have seen feminine men who will never get past a job interview for being "too swishy."

      I see genderqueers threatened in washrooms.

      I see trans couples denied housing. I see transsexuals being told that they will be fired if they seek medical treatment. I see gender variant people being bullied all at every age.

      It is long overdue that gender expression and identity become unlawful grounds for discrimination. I am glad to see that after decades of activism, someone in government has the guts to *do* something about it.