How much does a Vancouver Pride parade cost?

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      According to the latest Vancouver Pride Society email newsletter, the 2010 Pride Parade and Festival cost more than $459,800.

      Here's the society's very mathematically sound breakdown:

      Insurance for Pride events: $19,000
      City of Vancouver: $32,000 (police, transit, park permits, sanitation)
      First Aid & Disability: $4,500 (BC Ambulance, Disabled Access)
      Pride Parade: = $64,948
      Festival & Events: $32,053 (stage, tents, speakers, stereo equip)
      Communications: $375,000 (print, graphics, advertising, media, web)
      VPS Board & Volunteers: PRICELESS

      This year's Pride parade is slated to take place on July 31.

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      Opinionist freedom

      Jun 19, 2012 at 9:22pm

      Gay parades are a waste of Money anyways, the parades have no benefits to our society. The last Gay Parade Cost over $459,800 thousand dollars, a huge waste of money. Instead of spending it on that why not spend that money on people who need it to survive. Its fin to enjoy your self but when your spending almost half a million on just one parade; it’s a joke. I have donated money to people in Poverty because I care, I know how bad it is, I sponsor a child.