U2 accused of union busting in Winnipeg

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      Remember when U2 decided to move its Warren Buffett-sized publishing assets out of Ireland? In similarly eyebrow-raising news, super-conscientious bleeding heart Bono and his lovely wife the Edge were confronted by 80 unimpressed members of IATSE Local 63 in Winnipeg, on Saturday.

      The duo was set to do some work on an unfinished documentary at the Burton Cummings Theatre–a Winnipeg landmark recognizable by its huge mustache. Upon arriving, they were met by protestors from the stagecraft, motion picture and television production union, along with sister local and CUPE members. They were a little peeved that the band chose to use non-union labour for a show the next day at the Canad Inns Stadium.

      In a statement, IATSE President Matthew D. Loeb said, "This is nothing short of union busting. The members of Local 63 have been working in legitimate theatre and at every major concert event in Winnipeg for over 100 years. They had agreed to match the costs of any non-union labour provider working on the U2 concert. The International will continue to support the efforts of the members of Local 63 to ensure that labour standards are maintained."

      Some pundits are suggesting that Bono could salvage his everyman status by posing for a photo with Stephen Harper, Damien Thorn, and Baron Thomson of Fleet, and then urging us to end third world debt by purchasing a lot of useless shit with our AMEX cards.



      bob branding

      Jun 2, 2011 at 12:11am

      Do your research - the beef was with Kevin Donnely (manager of the MTS Center/True North) and IATSE union. U2 are using union workers everywhere during the 360 tour...except Winnipeg...it's Donnelly's fault!!!


      Jun 2, 2011 at 10:08pm

      Paul Hewson is so out of touch with the common man it is a joke to think he knows what it is like to struggle with life's challenges. When was the last time that he could not pay a bill or go without health coverage. U2 is nothing more than a plastic money making machine preying on the weak minded believers to pay tribute to the false Irish demagogues.