Gregg Allman to follow Sammy Hagar, Steven Tyler, and Keith Richards with memoir of his own

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      Gregg Allman announced recently that he'll be the next rock musician from the '70s to detail his life's triumphs and tribulations for all to see.

      The 63-year-old founding member of southern-rock legends the Allman Brothers Band has a lot to cover in his memoir, which is scheduled for publication by William Morrow next spring. As well as the tragic motorcycle deaths of his brother and bandmate Duane Allman, and ABB bassist Berry Oakley, Allman will no doubt recall his 1975 marriage to Cher and the liver transplant he underwent last year.

      Allman's announcement comes on the heels of bestselling autobiographies by Steven Tyler (Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?: A Rock 'n' Roll Memoir), Sammy Hagar (Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock), and Keith Richards (Life).

      I haven't read Tyler's book yet--I'm waiting for Joe Perry's tell-all, as he's the more interesting of the two--but I did get a kick out of Hagar's, especially when he got into the gory details of what life was like with his former Van Halen bandmate, Eddie VH. I'm currently reading Life, and have gotten to the part where Richards put that great fuzz tone on "Satisfaction". I can't wait for the chapter where Keef reminisces fondly about how we touched skull rings backstage at the Orpheum Theatre that time. I'm pretty sure he hasn't forgotten that career highlight.

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