D.O.A. keeping it clean for Adstock on July 3

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      DOA vocalist/guitarist Joey “Shithead” Keithley brings his politically-pointed punk to the suburbs, when his band headlines the free outdoor all ages Adstock festival in Maple Ridge on July 3rd. “We haven’t played out in the valley in eons, especially an all ages show,” Keithley told the Straight, but playing gigs in smaller Canadian towns is “one of the greatest things going. People in smaller towns are more about fun, and maybe less cynical than audiences in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. Small town shows can have the most fun atmosphere.”

      The Adstock lineup also includes Ninja Spy, Ivy League Brawlers, Northern Guard, Bone Daddies, Jen Huangs, All Consuming Black, and Regime, with music starting at 1pm and lasting til roughly 8. The one limitation to playing an outdoor all ages show? The organizer “really specifically said, about three times, ”˜now, there’s no cussing.’” Joe chuckled. "Yeah, okay. I guess that takes a couple of songs out of the setlist, right? I mean, we can still be fervent and fiery, we just can’t play ”˜Fuck You’, and ”˜Fucked Up Ronnie’, or ”˜Fucked Up Harper,’ or whatever the case may be.”

      The current lineup for DOA features Dirty Dan Sedan on bass and Jessie “Pincher” Pinner from Raised by Apes on drums.