Outside the Bike Valet is where all the action is so far at Summer Live

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      The Be Good Tanyas are back.

      Yes, after a lengthy break, the sistas were reunited on stage in Stanley Park and performing material for the curious onlookers in their somnambulant style. Crowds were thin at the main stage though, less than generally expected, perhaps due to rain earlier today.

      But you'd think more people would show—maybe they will yet file in. Lots of moms and small babies were there and the bikes were all over the place, which means lots of people left the cars at home and either biked it or walked down. It's great to see this side of the civic fabric knit itself back together after what has been a tense last few weeks in Van.

      Barney Bentall is just winding it up here, as we prepare for Daniel Wesley and Mother Mother.

      But I've gotta tell ya—outside the bike valet is where it's currently at. As I handed my stub in to head out to swing by a Coal Harbour cafe (The Admiral), I saw deputy city manager Sadhu Johnston, who was there on his two-wheeled machine and nice shirt and pants, sans sweat.

      "I'm late to meet my wife and kids," Johnstone said. "It's great to be here and pretty cool to celebrate 125 years. But I gotta go."

      Then hula-hooping cycling dude Doug Gook got pulled over just outside the valet by two Vancouver police constables whose badges and names I had no time to record. That's because I was just about to head out and ride.

      Suffice to say, somebody had heard Gook, Quesnel's favourite Burning Man, yelling "Fire" (not in a crowded theatre) as the Tanyas played. Gook had to talk his way out of getting cuffed as he explained he was feeding off the Tanyas themselves. They'd noticed plumes of smoke as they played, and joked that the place could burn down. Smoke, but no fires.

      Anyway, never yell "fire" at Summer Live, especially if you've got long hair and hoops.

      Back for more after this Americano.