News of the World whistleblower dies—how convenient

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      A former journalist who revealed that phone hacking was taking place at a Rupert Mudoch tabloid has been found dead, according to a report in the Guardian.

      Former News of the World and Sun entertainment reporter Sean Hoare died in his Watford home.

      The Guardian reported that he was the first to state publicly that former David Cameron press czar Andy Coulson encouraged phone hacking when he was an editor at News of the World.

      This offers a potential feeding frenzy for conspiracy theorists who think Murdoch is the Antichrist. (Actually, the real Antichrist is Marilyn Manson, as proven by the photo above.)

      Police said the death was "unexplained" but not suspicious. Hoare was reportedly fired by Murdoch's company after drinking and drug problems.

      Not long ago, Hoare told the New York Times that News of the World "journalists" made payments to police officers. This led to the resignation of Scotland Yard's head of operations in London.

      Murdoch is scheduled to speak to a British parliamentary committee tomorrow (July 19) about the scandal. Hoare is no longer around to contradict anything he says.



      morris wise

      Jul 18, 2011 at 3:53pm

      Adding a dead and possibly murdered key witness to the scandal spices up the story. The doctor doing the autopsy cannot be trusted. Unexplained deaths and mysterious suicides have become common in a world where murderers can commit perfect crimes.

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