George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher holidays in Vancouver

Astute headbangers at Vancouver’s recent Rob Zombie/Slayer and Amon Amarth shows may have spotted Cannibal Corpse vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher in the audience, here on a vacation that also included fishing in Squamish and a general soaking-in of our scenic beauty and fresh air. Corpsegrinder’s holiday climaxes Saturday (August 20) at the Rickshaw, where he’ll lend his legendary death scream to Ontario thrash-metal transplants Infernäl Mäjesty.

He’s long been a fan, the scorched-throated singer told the Straight from the house where he’s been crashing. “I bought their first album, None Shall Defy, when it first came out in 1987, so pretty much I know all the songs from years ago. When we toured Europe with them in 1998, the first night, I said to the other guys in the band, ‘Man, it’s a big deal for me to do this tour with them,’ and then I put the album on and I knew all the lyrics. They were like, ‘Holy shit, man!’ But that’s a big thing for me, when I have a record, I love to learn the lyrics.” Fortuitous, because the band plans to render the out-of-print Canadian thrash classic in its entirety.