Focus on education: Get schooled the right way

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      September is on the horizon, which means the school year is almost upon us again. Our education guide looks at new research, which reveals that postsecondary learning yields a solid financial payback; plus, teachers and strikes, school gadgets, a student survival guide, and more.

      Postsecondary education pays off financially

      Students can survive by pinching pennies

      B.C. school curriculum ignores labour history

      Joel Bakan investigates how marketers tap kids’ desires in Childhood Under Siege

      Gadgets to make you a star student this year

      Head to Gabriola Island’s Silva Bay Shipyard School to build a boat

      Sex therapists in demand

      Hungry Oven turns kids into savvy future chefs

      UBC Thunderbirds football hosts CIS Vanier Cup for the first time