Model M's The Eagle is an album worthy of its own action flick

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      The Eagle (Oh Just Peachy Studios Productions)

      Aspiring filmmakers, take note: the streaming online version of Model M’s latest full-length comes with the tag line “This album is the soundtrack to your next action movie.” This isn’t false advertising, since these 13 songs could make for the perfect accompaniment to a Hollywood chase scene littered with explosions and car crashes.

      Nearly every cut here showcases songwriter Terrance Dick’s knack for electro-infused violence, as he blends pulse-racing rhythms with gut-busting screams and barbed-wire synths. Opener “We Are God” kicks things off with an assault of merciless beats and brash keyboards that sound as if they were culled from a classic fighting video game; if the theme song from Mortal Kombat were reimagined as an industrial rager, it might become something like this.

      Most of the collection is similarly aggressive, and you’ll scarcely have time to catch your breath during its 47-minute run time. The angst-ridden “What Do You Want” is even more unsettling, as it pinballs between smouldering bass grooves and face-melting rock-outs while Dick snarls, “Just fucking go away.” The lyrics aren’t exactly subtle, but they get the point across.

      After these apocalyptic, fuck-the-world bangers, it comes as a shock when The Eagle finishes with the ultra-mellow title track, which places a gently tinkling piano over a pensive, ambient synthscape. It’s a bit of a letdown after the ferocious energy of the rest of the album, but Dick is clearly gearing this one toward the moviemakers. After all, the atmospheric dénouement would be a good fit for a film’s closing credits.




      Sep 28, 2011 at 7:03pm

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