Possible human foot in shoe found in False Creek

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      This just in from the Vancouver Police Department:

      Shortly before 5 pm Tuesday, a citizen reported finding the remains of what appear to be a human foot and leg bones in a running shoe. The shoe was found floating in the water next to the Plaza of Nations marina in False Creek. The area has been cordoned off and the BC Coroner's Service has been notified.

      There is no indication at this early stage in the investigation how the remains came to be there, and further forensic examination by the BC Coroner's Service will be required.

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      Aug 31, 2011 at 1:21am

      I feel like a complete idiot now because I saw the shoe on Monday on a rock in False Creek. At first glance, I felt in my gut that something wasn't right about the shoe.

      I joked to myself that maybe it was another of the famous dismembered feet found around the Lower Mainland but then figured it couldn't be, disregarded it and continued on my walk.

      I should have listened to the gut, pointed it out to the girlfriend and then taken a closer look. What a draaag.

      Ted European

      Aug 31, 2011 at 5:55pm

      Cover up! Someone is killing the white boys and dumping them into the Fraser River. Police can't identify??? Real fishy.