Fall arts preview: Vancouver's arts scene continues to push boundaries

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      Our annual fall arts preview looks at 10 years at the Dance Centre, emerging artists who are brightening up this year's scene, and shows you can't afford to miss.


      Scotiabank Dance Centre celebrates a decade of dancing in midair

      Meredith Kalaman and Daniel Marshalsay: Dancers push beyond ballet

      Dance critics' picks: Big names and big ideas


      Anita Rochon and Kevin Bennett: Directors plot out new territory

      Theatre critics' picks: Sex, lies, death, and silicone take the stage

      Music arts

      Kathleen Allan and Iman Habibi: Duo of composers delivers double duty

      Classical music critics’ picks: From Bayrakdarian to Bernstein, Vancouver's scene sings

      New music critics’ picks: Vancouver's new music is as diverse as the city itself

      Visual arts

      Raymond Boisjoly and Rebecca Chaperon: Artists draw inspiration from black metal and fairy tales

      Visual arts critics' picks: From Larry Clark to hot neon, the art world lights up


      Andrew Barber and Adam Pateman: A standup tale of two comics

      Comedy critics' picks: Dark princes and gossips ready to slay us