UBC statistics offer insights into the student population

There were some intriguing statistics in the new edition of UBC Reports, which is the university's in-house publication.

It mentions that 50 percent of all students speak English as the first language, setting aside the myth promulgated by an unnamed national magazine that the university has become "too Asian". Another 31 percent cited Mandarin or Cantonese as their first language, whereas one percent of students spoke French first.

UBC Reports also noted that 79 percent of students speak two or more languages.

Nearly a quarter of students spend six to 10 hours commuting each week. Yoga and ski/snowboard are the two largest student clubs. And 40 percent of students are involved in "activities to enhance their spirituality".

UBC has 977 aboriginal students from more than 145 First Nations communities. Earlier this week, SFU reported that it has about 500 aboriginal students.