Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art hooks up with SFU

The Bill Reid Foundation has gifted its entire $10 million collection to SFU in a new deal that should help sustain its gallery into the longterm.

Under the new partnership, the group has gifted its 158 works (including 112 by the late Reid himself) to the university.

In return, SFU will contract the foundation to continue to manage the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art on Hornby Street.

A further $1-million donation from philanthropist Michael Audain will go to the gallery and its programming in Northwest Coast art studies.

“With assurance that the entire collection will remain intact and available to the public, we have the freedom to ramp up the delivery of new shows and develop more curatorial ideas,” Mike Robinson, CEO of the Bill Reid Trust and president of the Bill Reid Foundation, said in a press statement. “A similar arrangement has been in place at Calgary’s Glenbow Museum for 45 years, and today it is one of the most creative cultural learning institutions in Canada.”