Falcao and Monashee are big on Brazil

Falcao and Monashee have become fixtures in Vancouver’s music scene in recent years, but local concertgoers won’t be seeing the art-folk duo around town anytime soon, since they relocated to Brazil earlier this month with no immediate plans to return. They’ve been staying at a beach close to the city of São Sebastião, and intend to remain in the country for at least three months. But as Brazilian-born percussionist Rodrigo Falcao told the Straight, “We might set up a studio here and be here for a little longer.”

They haven’t performed live since the move, and plan to relaunch the band once they finish their third full-length. “We haven’t given São Paulo’s audience any attention so far, so we definitely want to do that,” Falcao revealed. After that, they hope to travel more in South America. “Part of the reason we came down here was to see a shaman in Peru,” multi-instrumentalist Monashee Sun explained.

Don’t be surprised if they eventually come back to Canada’s West Coast, although perhaps not to Vancouver. “We would really like to live in the Gulf Islands again—we have before,” noted Falcao. “Someplace a little more isolated like that.”