JC/DC deals with Downtown Eastside eviction

John Collins and David Carswell are two of our city’s most renowned record producers, but the team known as JC/DC is currently looking for a new space after having been evicted from its Downtown Eastside studio this past August. “It’s disappointing for us,” Collins told the Straight. “We kind of knew we were living on borrowed time from the day we moved in there, but it does seem like a pretty arbitrary time to have to leave.”

Since settling into its latest space “six or seven years ago”, JC/DC Studios has hosted beloved Vancouver acts like the New Pornographers. So why are Collins and Carswell being forced to relocate? “That’s kind of a mystery in a way,” admitted Collins. “The city had sent inspectors through on several occasions over the years and didn’t really do anything. They let us stay there.”

Local music lovers needn’t worry about this eviction putting a wrench in the producers’ busy recording schedule: Collins noted that they already have their eye on a suitable new facility.