Jody Vance reveals she will cohost Breakfast Television with Riaz Meghji

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      Vancouver broadcaster Jody Vance is leaving CBC and returning to Rogers, where she'll cohost Breakfast Television on Citytv.

      Vance recently tweeted that she's join host Riaz (Meghji) on October 17. He and his current cohost, Dawn Chubai, were voted "Best Local TV Personality (English Program)" in the Georgia Straight's survey of its readers.

      Vance, who was raised in Vancouver, rocketed to national fame as a sports anchor on Rogers Sportsnet.

      In addition to her recent work at CBC, she's been a broadcaster on Shore 104.3 FM.

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      Oct 3, 2011 at 2:33pm

      Bad move Jody. BT is a revolving door.


      Oct 17, 2011 at 9:50am

      boy did they throw her in the deep end this morning. twas as if she was there to save the entire show. they bumped dawn to permanently-doing-remotes status and kyle now gets to read the news from 5:30-6:00. i have NO issue with the latter as i can't stand his voice & they should have never fired mark docherty.

      jody had trevor linden come on to announce his newest health club at the trade & convention centre. also, the way he was fawning over her, riaz must have had a boner the entire show.

      A Dude

      May 26, 2012 at 5:24pm

      Maybe Dawn Chubai didn't get along with Riaz Meghji so they had to be separated?

      Some people don't like Dawn because she's so overly perky ala Mary Hart, but she's vivacious and does a lot of charitable and public relations work and still looks pretty "cougar" good closing in on 40 (she was the hottest woman on local TV in the early Y2K's).

      In contrast, there are so many things about Riaz that don't sit right.

      - He often comes across disingenuous and aloof. Rather like he's saying, "I'll only show you a side of me that I want to show."

      - He seems rather narcissistic always trying to come across as cool; almost smug.

      - He is incapable of being self-effacing and seems to get defensive when Jody just pokes fun at something like him still being single. Almost like he's ashamed and just gets coy, defensive, and at times hostile that I'm pretty sure he is yelling at her after the cameras are turned off -- it's so obvious. I work with a guy like that. Someone should tell him to "RELAX!"

      - His celebrity interviews are awkward and sometimes a bit painful to watch.

      Michel McDermott is, on the other hand, awesome! Ever since she lost wieght she went from the frumpy but cheerful female friend you took for granted, to a cute "Betty from Archie cartoon" female friend that you wanna figure out how to get in bed with. She is far hotter than she actually realizes as she often sighs about how she's single and pokes fun at herself.

      She has great repoire with with Kyle Donaldson.

      Kyle Donaldson, the harmless, nerdy, sexually ambiguous guy from your high-school, and Thor, the loud, underachieving guy in high-school, round out the kidding in good fun, relaxed attitude that Riaz needs to have.

      As for Jody? I always thought she was uber-sexy although her voice is rather manlike but so far so good. I still keep watching.

      But, really, I think Riaz needs to go to charm school, learn to be less misogynistic, and relax. Either that or can his ass and have Jody and Dawn co-host. Two hot cougars on TV? I'll watch.