Slow Learners' eponymous seven-inch lives up to the PBR set's hype

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      Slow Learners (Scum Buzz)

      Playing East Van dive bars and Main Street’s Antisocial skate shop, Slow Leaners has managed to whip up considerable buzz among the PBR-swilling set. So this debut seven-inch comes as a relief to those tracking the progress of the local upstart comprising Congress’s John Johnston, Sean Hawryluk of Baptists/Ladyhawk fame, and one badass broad by the name of Penny Jo Buckner. Recorded by ex–Pride Tiger mainstay Bobby Froese, the disc is a slice of rollicking rock that pays homage to the guitar jams of the ’90s alt scene.

      Side A’s “Grocery Store” turns heads with its tall-can-hoisting chorus and killer melodies scuffed up with punk noise. Then there’s “Your Friends”, with its cutesy “ooh-wah-ooh” chorus buried beneath scuzz, which will have you hankering for beach barbecues and summertime high jinks. It’s a solid first showing from the trio, although a name change might be a good idea: Google “the Slow Learners” and you’ll unleash the horrific white-guy funk of a Washington, D.C., outfit that plays songs like the ultra-unfortunate “Jesus Saves”.