The Holey Sheets get charitable with a Halloween-themed offering

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      The Holey Sheets (Independent)

      Just in time for the spooky season, members of local indie-poppers Philoceraptor and Oh No! Yoko have gotten together for a Halloween-themed project under the name the Holey Sheets. The troupe’s two-song debut is a charitable affair, with all proceeds from the Bandcamp single going toward the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

      First up is “Razorblades in Apples”, a nostalgic look back at going door-to-door to fill up on goodies. While Everett Morris’s affable, helium-huffing delivery on the peppy pop-rocker suggests he should suit up as Big Bird, the track reveals his costume plans are more mammalian in nature: “My monkey suit’s in an easy chair/I choose one sweet for the night.” With its buzzy major chords bursting atop Phil Jette’s active drum work, the song plays sweetly, despite the chorus containing the gruesome revelation that some urban legends come from a place of truth. Morris sings: “I never believed in razorblades in apples/Now, boy is my face red.”

      “BOO (Spooky Indie Halloween 2011)”, meanwhile, sheds all melody in favour of spectral sonic sketches. Boasting an array of local conspirators—including Blood Diamonds, DJ Tristan Orchard, and members of Humans, beekeeper, and Blanche Devereaux, to name a few—the seven-minute soundscape’s blood-curdling shrieks and twisted mix of white noise and psych rock would more suitably score a haunted house walk-through than your “Monster Mash”–heavy mixer.

      Though missing the feeling of dropping change into some little monster’s UNICEF box, the Holey Sheets’ single is a well-meaning and worthwhile outing all the same.


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