The Year in Horror: from the shite of The Rite to the grate of Super 8, 2011 was no screaming hell

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      I reviewed 18 horror (or horror-oriented) movies that opened in Vancouver theatres this year, and man, there wasn't a ton of great ones. In fact, I could count the flicks that I thoroughly enjoyed—and would wholeheartedly recommend to fear fans—on three fingers.

      Hey, Hollywood: a little more effort in 2012 please!

      PRETTY AWESOME: Paranormal Activity 3, The Tunnel, Scream 4

      HAD ITS MOMENTS: Final Destination 5, Insidious, Drive Angry, Shark Night 3D, Die

      NOT SO SWIFT: Fright Night, Super 8, Cell 213, Dream House, Priest

      TOTAL SHITE: The Rite, Red Riding Hood, Creature, The Thing, The Roommate

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