Combat bad breath with Toothy Tabs from LUSH

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      C’mon, we’ve all been there. You’re back at work after your midday break, happily digesting your lunch, when bad breath strikes. At least, I know it’s happened to me. Curse you, deliciously garlicky pita wraps!

      In these cases when my trusty toothbrush and tube of toothpaste just won’t do (mostly because I forgot them in my bathroom), I turn to LUSH’s Toothy Tabs. Made of a base of sodium bicarbonate (that’s baking soda to the rest of us) and a variety of oils, spices, and herbs, each Toothy Tab packs tooth-cleaning and breath-sweetening punch into something little larger than a Tic Tac.

      LUSH’s Toothy Tabs come in flavours like Breath of God (fennel, vanilla, and sandalwood), Sparkle (vanilla and lemon), Atomic (clove and cinnamon), Aquatic (Early Grey, jasmine, and lime), Ultrablast (lavender, wasabi, and peppermint), and Dirty (classic spearmint), my personal favourite.

      These breath-freshening tablets come in a fully recyclable cardboard box, cost you $3.95 per package of 40, and can be found at all LUSH stores, as well as the website.

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      R U Kiddingme

      Jan 11, 2012 at 6:55pm

      If they taste as bad as LUSH smells this could be pretty tragic. How about a review? Are they delish or what?