News for Youse: Robocalls linked to Pierre Poutine, nobody is surprised

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      Is it any surprise that the mysterious name behind the disposable phone linked to the robocalls in Guelph would be registered to someone calling himself Pierre Poutine? Who lives on Separatist Street? As if the CPC wasn’t farcical enough already. This is really scraping the bottom of the humour barrel here, folks.

      News for Youse would like to pre-emptively apologize just in case there is some asshole out there saddled with the truly unfortunate moniker of Pierre Poutine. Sorry, bro. What the hell were your parents thinking?

      Predictably, you can follow Monsieur Poutine on Twitter. Of course, if case Vic Toews asks, you heard about the account from the child pornographers, not the anonymous collective that is the Internet.

      Speaking of Anonymous, Interpol has arrested 25 members of the shadowy group. But keep in mind Anonymous isn’t a formal group with hierarchy or even good communication between its self-appointed members, so it’s not like you’ve cut the group’s power off or anything. It kind of strikes us that Anonymous is more like a set of tactics. As long as people have the knowledge and ability to hack the planet, well, Anonymous will exist, no?

      That’s okay. None of us will exist by 2040 when a massive asteroid is scheduled to hit the earth. Oh, well, it has a one in 625 chance of hitting the planet. But c’mon. How well did that work out for the dinosaurs?

      Ehhh, that's not leaving you on a very cheery Leap Day note, so here's a video of a cat climbing a ladder.

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      Jack Lloyd

      Mar 2, 2012 at 10:08am

      Miranda Nelson is the best! Love her articles! Much love from Green Candy Press :D

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