Apple’s iPhoto appears on iOS for the first time

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      Along with Wednesday's (March 7) announcements about a new iPad and a revision to Apple TV, the electronics manufacturer also revealed that an iOS version of its popular photo editing and organizing software, iPhoto, has been released.

      iPhoto for iOS presents images in virtual albums on shelves, similar to how books are displayed in iBooks.

      It supports editing of images up to 19 megapixels in size. Editing is accomplished with simple multi-touch gestures. Specific areas of an image – a dark shadow under a porch, for example – can be enhanced independently of the rest of the image.

      There are numerous automatic enhancements, as well, including a robust auto-enhance feature.

      Photos can be immediately shared to email, Flickr, Twitter, and other social services, and they can be sent between iOS devices; Apple calls it “beaming”.

      Users can also create journals in iPhoto that can be annotated with written notes, or information pulled from maps, weather reports, and calendars. The journals can then be shared through iTunes or posted to iCloud.

      iPhoto for iOS is priced at $4.99, the same as the iOS versions of GarageBand and iMovie.

      The update to GarageBand allows for saves to be made in iCloud and supports real-time jamming by up to four iOS devices. iMove’s revision brings improved editing tools.

      Software in the iWork family – Keynote, Pages, and Numbers – has also been updated. The updates are free for those who’ve already purchase the apps, which are $9.99 each.


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      Mar 7, 2012 at 11:54pm

      Can you do anything like photoshop layers with IPHOTO IOS?

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