Best $!&@ing day to commute in Vancouver ever

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      Those heading to work this Easter Monday got a nice present in the form of a very pleasant commute.

      The large numbers of people staying home or frolicking in parks looking for chocolate eggs or whatever was apparent on the 99 B-Line bus I rode to work today.

      There were literally 10 people on it for most of the ride, one of whom was toting what looked to be a new roll of linoleum for his kitchen. And he wasn't inadvertently hitting anyone in the face with it!

      It is officially the best day to do the following on the notoriously congested 99: sit, relax, breathe, be in a wheelchair or scooter, bring a stroller on, take up two seats, gaze out the window, and do just about anything else while not being crammed up against the person next to you.

      If only it were like this every day.