Geek Speak: Donabel Santos, senior SQL Server developer at QueryWorks Solutions

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      Donabel Santos is really passionate about Microsoft SQL Server. She’s a co-owner and senior SQL Server developer, database administrator, and trainer at QueryWorks Solutions, a Vancouver-based database-services company founded in 2011.

      On Saturday (April 28), Santos will speak about Power View, a new feature of the SQL Server software, at the 2012 Vancouver Technology Festival. The one-day event takes place at the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Burnaby campus. Santos holds a bachelor’s degree and a diploma from BCIT, where she now teaches four courses in SQL Server.

      Born in the Philippines, Santos lives in Burnaby. She’s a regular speaker at the SQLSaturday events in Vancouver and Seattle, and blogs at Belle’s SQL Musings.

      The Georgia Straight reached Santos by phone at work in Vancouver.

      What does QueryWorks Solutions do?

      We help people understand their data, and we help them create reports that will help businesses make decisions.

      Why are you so passionate about Microsoft SQL Server?

      First and foremost, it works with data, and there’s so many things we can learn about the data that sits with a company. As far as solutions are concerned, Microsoft actually provides a very-easy-to-use toolset to analyze your data.

      What are some things you can do with SQL Server?

      We store data. We can create reports. We can also mine data, for example, for forecasting. So SQL Server does provide the tools that allow you to do basically end-to-end data solutions.

      What are you going to talk about at the Vancouver Technology Festival?

      I am going to talk about one of the new tools that SQL Server has launched. They basically launched a new version in March. So they have a new tool that allows business users to see their data more interactively, and I want to show people how cool it is.

      What’s your favourite regular event in Vancouver’s tech scene?


      What happens at SQLSaturday?

      We invite a lot of speakers that talk about different facets of SQL Server. So some of them will talk about specifically reporting. Some of them will talk about administration. Some of them will talk about optimizing your databases or making the databases faster.

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