What has changed since women on the Downtown Eastside started going missing?

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      Aboriginal Mother Centre Society

      “Until there is a proper lens shone on this, and until people look through that lens, nothing much is going to change. We know that even since Mr. Pickton was charged, there were a number of predators still operating in the Downtown Eastside. We have other situations of women going missing still.”

      Vancouver madam

      “There is increased sympathy, which is a good thing. It’s sad that it has to get so dramatic for it to happen. Laws have to change so that people can do their business wherever they need to, to feel safe and comfortable and not having to look over their shoulder to see what the police or the government is thinking or doing about it.”

      Cofounder, Surrey Girlz outreach and drop-in services for sex workers

      “I don’t think there has been an increase in services. With such an enormous trauma, there should have been an increased response acknowledging that they [sex-trade workers] are a population that has been targeted by violent offenders”¦.and that hasn’t happened.”

      Sto:lo leader, brother of Dawn Crey

      “There’s an ongoing investigation [into Dawn’s disappearance and death] running parallel to the Pickton trial. It could be that in two months or in six months they’ll discover some evidence that will help answer the question I have: ”˜What happened to my younger sister, Dawn, and who might be responsible for her death?’”