Digging into the 2012 DOXA Documentary Film Festival

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      This year's DOXA Documentary Film Festival features local director Brishkay Ahmed going under a veil to shatter myths about a controversial garment as well as the secret world of nuclear test subjects, a trio of different takes on the sex trade, performance-art pioneer Marina Abramović, and a long sloppy kiss to hot, black wax.


      Story of Burqa: Case of a Confused Afghan lifts the veil on the controversial garment

      Films take unique looks at the sex trade

      Vinylmania pimps black wax

      Nuclear Savage: The Islands of Secret Project 4.1 drops a bomb on secret tests

      The artist is the message in Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present

      Coast Modern revisits the beauty of West Coast modernist homes

      Do You Really Want to Know? looks at the future for those at risk for Huntington’s disease

      Girl Model illuminates the dark side of the fashion industry


      American Juggalo checks out a devoted fandom

      Smokin’ Fish is a journey of discovery

      The Substance—Albert Hofmann’s LSD is a polished history lesson

      An Encounter With Simone Weil reveals a variety of struggles

      LoveMEATender weighs in on a meaty topic

      King—A Filmed Record; Montgomery to Memphis is an expansive look at a civil-rights legend

      Girl Model puts a human face on a harsh industry

      Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry could not be more timely

      A Fierce Green Fire surveys five decades of green pioneers and eco-warriors

      Last Call at the Oasis confronts a growing crisis

      Beer is Cheaper Than Therapy takes aim at the mental scars of war

      Vito profiles the life of the influential gay-rights activist

      78 Days gives viewers a glimpse into the private green hell of Canadian tree planters

      Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet tracks the course of a debilitating disease