Shame on the Breast Cancer Society of Canada for looking down on exotic dancers!

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada has refused a donation of thousands of dollars from a group of local exotic dancers.

What a bunch of bullshit!

It’s not as if the gift was coming from illegal activities or even immoral ones. So the women behind the annual fundraiser, called Exotic Dancers for Cancer, are strippers. So what?

The reason the group holds the yearly event is because a former friend of the women's, also an exotic dancer, died of the disease. It’s a memorial fundraiser. That makes it all the more insulting that the society would reject the women’s offer.

In an interview with CBC Radio, organizer Trina Ricketts said the Breast Cancer Society told her in an e-mail that it wouldn’t accept any cash from exotic dancers since some of its “major donors” don’t approve of such a connection.

Wouldn’t you just love to know who the righteous prudes are?

Apparently, Ricketts, a former dancer herself, has received dozens of responses from charitable groups who would be more than happy to accept the proceeds from this year’s event, which is to take place later this month. Last year, the dancers raised more than $6,000.

The Breast Cancer Society deserves all the bad press it’s getting for judging its potential supporters.

What a slap in the face to Ricketts, to current exotic dancers, and most importantly, to the young woman who died of the disease and whom Ricketts called a friend.