Strangled Darlings promise Vancouver a shot of no-bullshit country

Take a look outside. That’s right, you can finally moor that ark, because it looks like summer has officially arrived. And you know what hot weather makes you feel like doing, besides fucking, fighting, and wondering why the hell they always run out of fans at Canadian Tire during the first week of July? Easy: it makes you want to listen to country music and drink mint juleps.

By country, we’re not talking that prefab shit they roll out of Nashville like hamburgers on a fast-food assembly line. Instead, the good underground, gothic stuff. Like the Gun Club. Like Trailer Bride. Or, like Strangled Darlings, who hail from Portland, Oregon. Who gives a shit if the band’s two members, George Veech and Jessica Anderly, describe themselves as literary doom pop; they seems to have a thing for country music. As in uncut, no-bullshit, bloodshot country.

Luckily for you, Strangled Darlings have decided that there’s no sense sitting around bitching about the heat when you can be hauling ass up the I-5 to Vancouver. Catch the band, touring on its new album, Red Yellow & Blue, at Cafe Deux Soleils on Friday (July 6). And don’t forget, as you check out the new video for “Snake & the Girl”, that it’s never too early in the day for a mint julep.