Central Gourmet Produce and Deli

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      Name: Rebecca Seary, 25, painter and counselling student

      Store: Central Gourmet Produce and Deli (1901 West 1st Avenue)

      Items: Anchovies, Asiago cheese, romaine lettuce, organic buns

      Where it's headed: She'll combine the lettuce, anchovies, and cheese with capers, olive oil, and garlic at home to make caesar salad. The buns will be transformed into homemade croutons. "I have to call my grandmother and make sure I remember the recipe correctly," she notes. Seary enjoys cooking from scratch. "People tell me I'm a good cook."

      She would never buy: "Processed cheese”¦and boxed stuff, like Rice-A-Roni or Chef-mate."

      On shopping: Seary normally shops at Central Gourmet. "I have an account here, so I don't have to give them any money until later."

      On food in general: "I love food. Food is great. I'm lucky that I'm not enormous," she says with a laugh.