Federal New Democrats in Vancouver Kingsway nominate Don Davies over Alicia Barsallo and Tony Kosovic

Teamsters lawyer Don Davies is the NDP candidate for the federal riding of Vancouver Kingsway.

A party member for over 20 years, Davies bested educator Alicia Barsallo and former corrections officer Tony Kosovic during the NDP Vancouver Kingsway nominating meeting held at the Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School on Sunday (March 18).

“This is the kind of riding which is an NDP riding,” Davies told the Straight after his nomination. “There’s a strong working-class tradition in this riding. We have a strong immigrant population that has been harmed by Liberal and Conservative policies.”

His priorities include affordable housing, fairer treatment of immigrants, protection and expansion of Medicare, a green economy, and the restoration of “integrity to the political process” to make it mandatory for floor-crossers like Vancouver Kingsway MP David Emerson to run in a by-election.

Currently the Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Pacific Gateway and the Vancouver-Whistler Olympics, Emerson ran as a Liberal but switched to the Conservatives in 2006.

Ian Waddell, the last NDP MP for the riding, attended the nomination meeting. Also among those present were former NDP provincial premiers Dave Barrett and Glen Clark.

Asked if he anticipates a federal election soon, Davies said: “With the way the Conservatives are throwing away money and the weakness of [Liberal party chief] Stephane Dion, it’s entirely possible there’ll be an election in May.”

The Liberals previously nominated businesswoman Wendy Yuan as their candidate for Vancouver Kingsway.

Once a traditional NDP riding, Vancouver Kingsway has gone Liberal since 1997. In his remarks at the convention, Barrett urged party members to spread the word that the NDP is the party that embodies the interests of ordinary Canadians, from the working and middle classes to the young and elderly.

“There are still people who believe there’s a difference between the Liberals and the Conservatives,” Barrett said. “They’re all the same damn thing.”