Tried and tested

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      The first quarter is slow for big club singles, but this month’s survey of the city’s best DJs turns up five early contenders for our ’07 best-of list.


      Bent Tuesdays at the Wild Coyote
      Elsewhere Wednesdays at Republic
      Mash It Up Fridays at Atlantis
      Big Up Saturdays at Plush
      Amy Winehouse “You Know I’m No Good”
      “Old soul mixed with a classic hip-hop feel, great lyrics, and good singing. I hope this song becomes a hit like ”˜Crazy’ did for Gnarls Barkley; it has that same appeal and potential.”

      DJ Jesse James

      Lobby Fridays at Ginger 62
      Whisper Saturdays at Crush
      Uber Saturdays at Century House
      Greg, Jeroenski & Roog “Your Mind is Twisted”
      “It’s got a mental break with a screaming man—what more could a dance floor ask for? It’s chaos that creates chaos.”

      Michael Red

      Lighta! Events
      Justin Timberlake “My Love (Ruf’s Dubstep Remix)”
      “Even a mostly house crowd in Whitehorse filled the floor when I played this very unofficial dubstep remix.”

      Kevin Shiu

      Focus Fridays at the Lotus Sound Lounge
      Gabriel Ananda “Doppelwhipper”
      “This minimal-sounding track turns every person on the dance floor into Pac-Man.”

      DJ Moves

      Thirsty Thursdays at the Columbia Go Dumb
      Saturdays at the Columbia Redman “Gimme One”
      “I played this last week and everyone screamed when I dropped it. It being a track no one has heard in the clubs and isn’t readily available yet, I’d say that’s a really good thing.”