Who Loves the Sun

Starring Molly Parker and Lukas Haas. Rated 14A.

Apart from its apparent love affair with the F word, Who Loves the Sun is a Canadian film worth abandoning the comfy couch and big-screen TV for an enjoyable night out.

Which should be a relief for those Canuck-cinema naysayers who believe that this country can't produce an entertaining and commercially viable film to save its life. Who Loves the Sun ought to stick around for a decent little run at the domestic box office due to its strong production values, storytelling, and acting.

This film has serious appeal for the ladies. Lukas Haas (who plays lead Will Morrison) is seriously hot. Where has he been all these years? Though I haven't noticed him since he played the little Amish boy with the stick-out ears in Witness when he was just nine years old, apparently he's been working in a string of supporting roles in indie flicks like Gus Van Sant's Last Days and TV series like 24. Hopefully, this will be the role that establishes him as the next heartthrob.

In director-writer Matt Bissonnette's (Looking for Leonard) sophomore effort, Haas plays a cuckolded young husband who disappears after catching his wife, Maggie (Molly Parker), cheating with his best friend, Daniel (played by Adam Scott). Five years later, Will returns to their cottage-country retreat–Daniel's parents' remote cabin in northern Manitoba–to reconnect with his estranged friend and wife. The results are tempestuous, sexy, and profane (partly thanks to the overuse of the aforementioned F word). R.H. Thompson and Wendy Crewson are perfectly cast as Daniel's parents, who are forced to referee the three young adults.

The landscape's natural beauty is perhaps the most appealing aspect of Who Loves the Sun. For West Coast transplants from Ontario or Manitoba, this film will stir memories of those lazy summer days at the cottage when ravenous mosquitoes and young love filled the air.