Cuddles come to CiTR party

CiTR throws its Diamond Radioversary Party at Chapel Arts on Saturday (November 17), with sets from Gang Signs, Fine Mist, Channels 3 and 4, and Carolyn Mark and Her New Best Friends. And if that’s not enough, former cub leader Lisa Marr returns to Vancouver to deliver some old favourites with “friends”.

“The idea is that the friends are really the audience, because it’s a sing-along performance,” Marr told the Straight in a call from Los Angeles. “But also my grandmother’s gonna be there, holding up the lyric sheets—she just turned 99 on November 9—and then my nephew Max, who’s 11, he’ll also be doing some shenanigans.”

Marr used to edit Discorder and deejayed for the station, which is celebrating its 75th birthday. “That’s kinda why cub started, because I was meeting people like [former cub guitiarist] Robynn Iwata,” she said. “It was super-formative for me. When I went to UBC I was planning to be a lawyer, and when I got out, I was a rock ’n’ roll musician.”