Jodie Emery Show reveals how marijuana-legalization movement makes progress

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      Marc Emery still has almost 600 days to serve in jail for selling marijuana seeds into the U.S.

      But his wife Jodie has provided an upbeat news summary of the marijuana-legalization movement's progress in her latest episode of The Jodie Emery Show.

      She praised Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau for speaking in favour of decriminalization and possibly legalization of pot.

      Even though she gave credit to Trudeau, she also acknowledged that he has been a flip-flopper. Last month, the Straight revealed how Trudeau has alienated antiprohibitionists in the past by voting for mandatory minimum sentences for pot-related offences.

      If you're interested in a good roundup of what's happening in the war against the war on drugs, check out Emery's show below.

      Jodie Emery speaks out!

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      Nov 18, 2012 at 8:00pm

      For some reason this reminded me of a Lawrence Welk show without the music!


      Nov 18, 2012 at 8:40pm

      Alcohol is significantly more harmful and more addictive than marijuana, while the prohibition on marijuana fuels criminal activity and funds organized crime.

      Alcohol legalization rid our streets of bootleggers and marijuana legalization will rid our streets of drug dealers. We need to contact our legislators and tell them to legalize marijuana like beer and wine.