The Pack a.d. at the Commodore Ballroom

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      Here’s a true story. Earlier this year—the details are a little hazy, so it’s anyone’s guess as to the exact month—Vancouver’s Pack a.d. made a bold move. After years of playing tiny hole-in-the-wall venues around town, singer-guitarist Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller held something of an official coming-out party, headlining the 600-plus capacity Rickshaw Theatre. Being big fans of the duo—and completely jacked up about its latest release, Unpersons, a good half of the Straight’s staff was there, double-fisting PBRs, sweating buckets in the mosh pit, and stage-diving to radio hits like “Haunt You”. How good a time did we have? Let’s just say that two of us ended up in the drunk tank, six of us puked, one passed out behind the Rickshaw Theatre Dumpster, and another “fell asleep” in the gutter at Hastings and Main. All of which is to say that we couldn’t be more thrilled that the Pack a.d. is making another bold move this Friday (November 23), headlining the Commodore Ballroom. Even better, this show is part of the Straight Series that’s brought such acts as the Black Keys and Florence + the Machine to town, which means we are practically obligated to be there. See you in the front row. And in the bar lineup. And passed out next to the Mr. Tube Steak stand out front. Yes, we’re not just going to party to the greatest garage band currently calling Vancouver home, but we’re going to party hard enough to make Andrew W.K. chunder. You’ve been warned.