Slash's driver's licence gets offered to Pawn Stars' Chumlee for $50,000

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      The best thing about the History Channel's top-rated reality-TV show, Pawn Stars--apart from the vintage guitars that sometimes come across owner Rick Harrison's counter--has to be employee Austin Russell, aka Chumlee. He's a heavily tattooed bear of a man with the mind of a child, and it's highly entertaining to watch him bust valuable stuff or get sucked in to buying things like a fake Gibson mandolin for a price that would make Harrison pull out his hair if he had any.

      In a recent episode the Chumster greets a late-night customer who tries to sell him Slash's old California driver's licence. "Looks kinda like a young Howard Stern," he remarks, before the seller announces that he wants US$50,000 for the item, noting that Steve McQueen's once went for $47,000.

      "I took it when I was about 18 and used it for my fake ID until I was 21," claims the customer, who could probably pass for the Glee hater if you put a curly black wig and a top hat on him.

      Because the guy's asking so much, Chumlee decides to call Harrison at home and wake him up. Turns out the boss is a huge Slash/Guns N' Roses fan, but he's flabbergasted when he learns the asking price.

      "If [Slash's] driver license was worth 50 grand," says Harrison, "I guarantee you he would be losing his license once a month and showing up at DMV, 'Ah, sorry, guys, I lost it again'. 'Cause he would be selling that many."

      Harrison winds up offering the customer a grand, but he doesn't go for it.

      You can watch the entire episode here, but beware of all the imbedded ads--including one that makes Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline look like a wonderful benefit to the environment.

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