Indo-canadian editor promotes Kash Heed

The outspoken editor of the Indo-Canadian Voice newspaper has endorsed Supt. Kash Heed to be the next police chief of Vancouver. Rattan Mall wrote in the top story of the paper's April 7 edition that Heed–an Indo-Canadian–is an "officer who has the vision, skills and abilities to give Vancouver Police the new direction and confidence it so badly requires".

When reached by the Straight , Mall noted that there is a clamour within the South Asian community to see Heed, a 28-year veteran of the force, succeed Jamie Graham , who will step down as chief constable on August 22.

"It's a matter of pride for the community," Mall said in a phone interview. "They had a premier, they had ministers. To have Kash Heed would be a great boost for them."

Mall, however, stressed that the Indo-Canadian community doesn't want this matter to become a racial issue. "He should be chosen on merit, and he has enough merit," the editor said. "It's not, 'Choose him just because he's a brown guy.' What we're saying is if you have the calibre, you should not be denied the position because you don't happen to be a white person."

Ex-inspector Dave Jones previously told the Straight that three of four deputy chiefs and one of two superintendents are said to be gunning for Graham's post.