Hard Core Logo—going meta at the Waldorf

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      Curled up in a bathrobe and nursing a white Russian while you watch The Big Lebowski in the intimate confines of the Waldorf’s Tiki Bar—can you think of a better way to spend a dreary Sunday afternoon in Vancouver? This is how Kate Kroll inaugurated her weekly Film Church series three weeks ago. She got a full-house for her efforts.

      “I started doing it because I think people are finding it more comfortable watching films on their couch than going out and having an experience,” she tells the Straight. “I’m the same way! But we thought it’d be nice to make more of a social event out of it. It just goes beyond sitting there and watching it.”

      In the case of this Sunday’s (December 9) screening of Hard Core Logo, going beyond means bringing in cinematographer Danny Novak and writer Michael Turner to take questions about the 1996 film—which, for all you fans of synchronicity, was partly filmed in the Waldorf’s Tiki Bar, back when it was still just a dive with broken toilets and home to the odd Blue Lizard blow-out.

      Also worth noting (or not) is that Waldorf creative coordinator Danny Fazio makes a brief appearance in the movie. “I’m hoping he’ll dress up in that outfit,” giggles Kroll.

      Hard Core Logo screens at the Waldorf Film Church on Sunday (December 9), admission is by donation.