Clean freak Vancouverites converge for mass clean-up

If you're an obsessive-compulsive clean freak, or just get pleasure out of cleaning things up (when my siblings and I were kids, we had this weird habit of cleaning up all the toys at the doctor's office that other kids had left lying around; the receptionists loved us, but little did they know it was the sign of warped personalities ...) then there's an upcoming program that will help you put your skills and obsessions to good use.

An annual spring cleaning program called Keep Vancouver Spectacular runs May 1-31. Last year, the program involved 12,000 volunteers in 116 teams who cleaned up 2,600  city blocks and disposed of 90 tonned of litter and garbage!

Participation has  doubled since 2003.  

The City of Vancouver supplies garbage bags, gloves, vests, grabber tongs, and follow-up collection.

To register, visit or call the KVS Hotline at 604-871-6544.