Delta Farce

Starring Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Engvall. Rated PG.

If you're unfamiliar with Larry the Cable Guy–aka Dan Whitney–consider yourself blessed. Best known for celebrating the kind of lifestyle where any T-shirt with a complete set of sleeves is considered formalwear, his trailer-trash musings make Red Green look like a junkyard Gandhi. With little more than a repertoire of politically incorrect jokes and a squint like a squashed beer can, Larry has managed to make a bunch of cable specials and a couple of movies. His latest–a tribute to extreme military stupidity called Delta Farce–is every bit as strained as the title suggests.

Directed by TV veteran C.B. Harding, Delta Farce is basically a lobotomized version of Stripes. In fact, the plot is pretty much a complete rip-off of the good-natured Bill Murray classic. What sets this redneck version apart? As if military-inspired comedies don't have it tough enough these days, we're treated to a third-rate cast spouting lines that range from tasteless to downright racist.

We start off with three dumb-as-rocks "weekend warriors" who are mistakenly deployed to Iraq. Larry and the terminally henpecked Bill (Bill Engvall) have their doubts about going off to war. Fortunately, their good buddy Everett (DJ Qualls) has no such reservations. When the skinny loser isn't exposing his private parts to unsuspecting women, he wants to indulge his Rambo fantasies.

Thanks to a far-fetched accident on the way to what Everett calls "the hot zone", the guys find themselves dropped off just outside a poor Mexican village. Convinced that they've actually landed in Iraq, our boys insist on confusing the humble Mexican villagers with terrorists. Although nobody actually says that all non-white people look alike, we get the general idea. Mostly because we're treated to such lines as: "I read somewhere that those carpet flyers don't even use toilet paper." Or "He's a red-dot Indian, not a tomahawk Indian."

I won't bother to relate what happens next. If you've read this far and still want to see Delta Farce, just be warned. Things tend to get ugly, even when nothing blows up.