The Big Question about Tom Cruise

So apparently there are rumours that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are interested in having another baby.

The birth of the baby (as well as the wedding) turned out to be a good PR move as it gave him some good publicity for the first time after a seemingly unstoppable downward spiral of social embarassments. Only some though, as there were patches of press questioning the whereabouts of the baby.

Yet I'm still curious, like Michael Jackon's biololgical kids, how the child was conceived? Artificial insemination? Is it a real kid—or CGI?

It's hard to tell with Tom. So very much is.

After all, there remains the BIG QUESTION. We all know what it is. I don't think I even need to say it.

But there are some things about him that make it easy to see why some would suspect he IS:

1. Although all celebrities have their sexuality questioned, Tom seems to get the most bent out of shape and vocal about being called you-know-what, such as the lawsuit against the gay porn star and the South Park "In the Closet" episode. Rumours abound about Keanu Reeves' sexuality but you don't see him taking out lawsuits against everyone and anyone who dares to mention the G-word.

2. He does seem to be overly controlling of his partners. Nicole Kidman only managed a few movies every few years when she was married to Tom, then after she left him, she was (and still is) everywhere, becoming incredibly prolific, and even won an Oscar.
Penelope Cruz was pumping out movie after movie until she entered the Bermuda Triangle of Tom Cruise and vanished into the mistake of being Cruz/ise. During a brief breakup with him, she appeared on the cover of Elle magazine. Then vanished again until she broke up. And then she started appearing in films once more.
It may not be an indication of being gay, but he clearly has some control issues that reflect upon his personality. (Then there's that whole Scientology thing.)
A repressed sexuality, anyone?

3. He adopted kids with Nicole Kidman. Who wouldn't want to have biological kids with Nicole Kidman? I'm gay and I want to have kids with her. Then again, we have Angelina Goddess of Adoption Jolie and Brad Pitt, but they ended up having their own kid shortly after. Of course, adoption isn't a sign of being gay. But it is curious that he waited so long ....

4. His overacting on Oprah about being in love. If that wasn't gay (or looking like someone who has no idea what being in love is like), I don't know what is. Yeah, so I don't really know what is. So what? I still know that looked fake.

Anyhow, if it turns out he IS and he needs a partner, I know the perfect guy for him: Ricky Martin!

I wonder who would be the top gun in that relationship? Now that's the big question (because size matters).