Councillors blank on 9/11 Conference

Not one city councillor questioned by the Straight had heard of the 9/11 Truth Conference ( ), which is scheduled to run from Friday to Sunday (June 22 to 24) at the Maritime Labour Centre .

About 20 speakers from North America and Britain will be there, including author Barrie Zwicker.

However, NPA councillors Suzanne Anton ("They didn't invite me to speak at the opening") and Kim Capri told the Straight they had not heard of the event, and neither had COPE councillor David Cadman nor Vision Vancouver councillors Raymond Louie, George Chow, Heather Deal, and Tim Stevenson.

"We don't have a 9/11 spokesperson in Vision," Deal said by phone. "We haven't really felt a need until now, though I am concerned about security costs relating to 2010."

Stevenson, a United Church minister, told the Straight the only connection he has to 9/11 is through California-based theology professor David Ray Griffin. "When he started writing about 9/11, I thought, 'Wow, when people of that calibre start writing about it, maybe I should pay attention to this.'"

NPA councillor Peter Ladner told the Straight he only knows that something is happening locally because "a friend from California" plans to attend. NPA Mayor Sam Sullivan was unavailable for an interview.