Al Gore's slide show coming to Vancouver

Vancity CEO Dave Mowat and Andrea Reimer, chair of the Vancouver Greens, are on their way to Nashville to learn how to give Al Gore’s global-warming slide show.

Former U.S. vice-president Gore wowed many moviegoers this year in the film An Inconvenient Truth by presenting slides and graphs to demonstrate the potentially catastrophic effects of climate change.

A U.S. registered charity, The Climate Project [], will invite more than 1,000 people to Nashville over the next few months to meet Gore and climate-change scientists and educators, and learn how to present Gore’s slide show.

Mowat and Reimer are in the first group. The successful applicants had to agree to give 10 lectures without pay after attending the Nashville sessions.

In a December 29 interview with the Straight, Mowat said he hopes to give presentations on climate change to business groups, including the Vancouver Board of Trade.

Mowat said that business people are sometimes unfairly branded as being opposed to environmental sustainability.

“Sometimes, people that own businesses have a significant interest in what the place is going to look like for their kids and grandkids,” he said.

Reimer said she hopes to give lectures outside the “granola belt”, which she defined as Point Grey and the North Shore.

“I’ve already started booking some stuff in Southeast Vancouver, Surrey, and Richmond,” Reimer said. “I’ve got some talks going with people over in Cranbrook and Fernie.”

Meanwhile, climate-change activists DJs Grandtheft and D.R. One of the Montreal mash-up duo Team Canada are scheduled to appear in Vancouver’s Atlantis Nightclub on January 5 and in Vancouver’s Plush club on January 6.

Team Canada's Inconvenient Truth Remix Youtube video can be seen at