Colour surge living

From walls to floors A name change to Maude Décor isn't the only shift for Vancouver's PMB Designs. Pointing her feet in other directions, owner Patricia Baun is taking her hand-painted canvas floor coverings ("art you can walk on") to the next level. Soon you'll be able to custom-order her signature style-a marriage of vivid hues and bold modern graphics-in hand-knotted wool, silk, or flax. "They'll have a textural feel," she says of her plans to match different heights of pile to pattern. In another step, Baun will sell her colour-drenched designs as limited-edition archival prints on stretched canvas ($150 to $200) through her studio (405-128 West 6th Avenue, 604-879-7775, and the soon-to-be-launched, by appointment only). > Angela Murrills

The most fun is Techno-Savvy, with brazen colours culled from the digital world.

New palettes pack punch In the mood for some Deep Caviar, Dill Pickle, or Soft Pumpkin? We're not talking about the latest culinary creations, but some of the paint colours Benjamin Moore is predicting will be big news this year. The menu is more diverse than ever: rich, luxurious tones are back, but the exact hues depend on the trend you take with your home. Benjamin Moore breaks the styles down by category. The most fun is Techno-Savvy, with brazen colours culled from the digital world: acid-yellow greens, teals, and hot pinks, each ideal for mixing with metallic accents. Check out Terrapin Green 2145-20 or tangy Dill Pickle 2147-40. At the opposite end of the spectrum is the movement toward nostalgic Hollywood glamour, evoking the art-deco hues of a Clark Gable-and-Carole Lombard getaway. To capture the look, Benjamin Moore blends shades of grey (see Asphalt CC-548), introduces new shimmery-pearl paints (Liquid Silver PT-100 or Envy PT-310), and delves into darkly elegant territory (Deep Caviar 2130-20 and Brown Horse 2108-30). Elsewhere, the Urban Loft grouping mixes punched-up neutrals like Natural Cream OC-14 with grey-green Night Train CC-720 and mod orange-red Autumn Cover 2170-30. Global Fusion is a fresher, clearer palette that spans Soft Pumpkin 2166-40 and a Fernwood Green 2145-40 that falls somewhere between lime and celery. > Janet Smith

Floater Imports is the new cool label, er, floating around town.

Watertight style Brainchild of former used-car dealers Frank Lim and Dominic Steffen, Floater Imports is the new cool label, er, floating around town. "Inflatable" doesn't come into it. The name evolved from the duo's ethos of "drifting along with time and being amused where the currents may bring us". Where it's moored them currently is amid funky and fresh home accessories made of rubber. Fruit bowls are cheerful in blueberry, cherry, and other jellybean colours. White and dark "chocolate bars" (gridded rubber pads that lie on tabletops) function as soap dishes, pen stands, or photo holders. And finally-praise the design gods-there's an incense holder (below) that doesn't scream "hippie". Priced from $4.50 for a little magnetic frame. Local stores listed at > Angela Murrills