Dandi Wind Blows Out Of Town

Dandi Wind has left Vancouver. Visitors to www.dandi wind.com/ are greeted with the message "ADIOS VANCOUVER!!!!!!!" and an announcement that the music and performance-art duo of Dandilion Schlase and Szam Findlay is Montreal-bound. The Straight's attempts to contact Schlase via telephone on Tuesday afternoon (March 29) were unsuccessful, as, according to Ralph Alfonso, head of the band's label, BongoBeat Records, she and Findlay were due to leave town the next day and no longer had access to a phone. C'est la vie. The Straight did, however, receive an e-mail from Schlase, in which she confirmed that "we're leaving Vancouver for Montreal for 2 months and then Toronto for 4 months to pursue some exciting opportunities." What those opportunities are, we don't know, but Dandi Wind will be opening for the Hidden Cameras in Montreal, Kingston, Ottawa, and Hamilton in April.

Dandi Wind's debut CD, Bait the Traps, released by BongoBeat on January 18, has earned the group a sizable buzz in alternative-music circles, including local cover stories in the Nerve and DiSCORDER, and spins on CBC Radio Two's influential Brave New Waves program. The disc currently sits at No. 14 on the Earshot national campus- and community-radio chart.