Elizabeth Zvonar

THE LOWDOWN: Zvonar opens the Free Luck Cart at the Helen Pitt Gallery, but chances are you may have already been offered up some good fortune from her rolling road show at sites such as bingo halls, casinos, and maybe even the Vancouver Public Library.

COORDINATES: At the Helen Pitt Gallery (882 Homer Street), as part of the Production, Consumption & Function: Exploring Alternative Economies exhibit, running Saturday (January 17) to February 29. Zvonar also hosts a talk with other artists from the show at the gallery next Saturday (January 24) at 2 p.m.

PROCESS-ORIENTED: Zvonar's Free Luck project began in the spring of 2002, and since then she has produced several projects dealing with issues relating to exchange. In this latest manifestation, she's installed herself in public settings with her wooden cart; its pop-up lid opens to reveal "lucky" talismans (small orange pillows) and a tin "wish can". For the gallery installation, contemplative drawings of previous appearances accompany the cart.

WHAT IT ALL MEANS: "Everybody has luck; whether it's good or bad luck is up to the individual," Zvonar says. "The main idea I want to convey with Free Luck is that we're accountable for the choices we make. It's really not about luck, it's about whether you're going to make it happen for yourself or not."