Equal-opportunity sex

Debilitating cerebral palsy isn't enough to keep one B.C. Sex Party candidate from enjoying a full sex life. Vancouver-Fairview candidate Patrick Clark thinks the B.C. health-care system should help other disabled people enjoy the same opportunity.

"Sexuality for most people is a pretty complicated issue; when you're disabled and dealing with the health-care system and they take care of everything but [sexuality], it becomes a loaded issue," he told the Straight by phone from Vancouver.

Clark links sex to self-esteem. He said some people living with disabilities resort to sex-trade workers because they can't take care of their own sexual needs.

The party's platform on health advocates long-term-care facilities to help clients with their sexual expression. A new class of nurses would be trained to facilitate masturbation and partner sex for clients with disabilities. The leader of the Sex Party, John Ince, wrote The Politics of Lust, which links a good sex life to a healthy life. He said other parties shy away from issues of disability and sexuality because of "sex-negative attitudes that are prevalent in this culture.

Shelley Hourston of the BC Coalition of People With Disabilities said the organization has no comment on the B.C. Sex Party platform.