Full house turns out for Saget's foully funny mouth

At the River Rock Theatre on Friday, February 10

Pity anyone buying a ticket to see Bob Saget and expecting him to be the wholesome father figure he played on TV's Full House or the genial host of America's Funniest Home Videos.

There was at least one woman who appeared to have done just that last Friday at the River Rock Theatre, where Saget performed his off-colour brand of standup comedy to a sold-out crowd. After he'd painted some disturbing comedic images, such as telling us he fucked Kimmy Gibler, the kid next door on Full House, before amending it to "That's not true. I fingered her and I was drunk and I apologize," or informing us that "John Stamos had his balls shaved into a mullet" (to match the Full House costar's oft-mocked hairstyle of the time), a lone woman got up and walked down the aisle toward the side exit, which happens to be in front of the stage. The always-in-the-moment Saget saw her and inquired whether she was leaving. All he got in return was an angry and dismissive arm gesture that seemed to say, "I've had enough of this." "There goes my Catskills career," he responded.

Saget's brain and mouth work so fast, he should ask to be paid by the word. Entering to a standing ovation, the 49-year-old rode a wave of goodwill ("I'd like to put a shoebox on my lap and give you a puppet show"), and the shock of hearing Mr. Clean let loose with his comedy Tourette's was fun for a while. (He told of meeting a young woman who enthused, "Omigawd! I grew up watching you!" To which he creepily responded, "Now you're going to go down watching me.") But somewhere along the way, the constant interruptions from overly excited (and quite possibly drunk) fans proved too much to overcome, and the energy waned. Saget likes to bring people into his act by engaging and insulting them good-naturedly, but these dolts just wouldn't let him get on any kind of roll. Luckily, he also travels with a guitar and knows how to play it, forcing the crowd to listen.

Like his standup material, Saget's songs all deal with his former career and its shocking contrast with what comes out of his mouth. In a ballad called "Danny Tanner Was Not Gay", he sings, "Sometimes the show wasn't that funny/But fuck you, it made me lots of money".

Ironically, one of the best lines of the night came from an annoying heckler. Early on, a woman shouted that she had met Saget before and was wondering if he remembered. Of course he didn't, but he had fun incorporating her into the act throughout the evening. Near the end of the show, he told her to go sit in the back "because I know you like it in the rear". Huge response from the audience.

He sure got her good. But just as the laughs died down, she shouted back, "You do remember me!"