How will Canada change when kids no longer play with war toys?

Bill Thomson
Artist, facilitated the Museum of Anthropology toy transformations

Favourite toy as a child: tanks and soldiers, which he blew up in sand with firecrackers
“Hopefully, we will invent a different kind of toy, one with abstract colours and forms, something that reflects the human body without armaments.”

Susan Ruzic
Port Moody teacher; head of the British Columbia Teachers' Federation war-toy movement
Favourite toy as a child: dolls and playing school
“Hopefully, we'll be less violent, have less bullying, less fighting, less violent cartoons, and less violent video games.”

Jill Baird
MOA curator of education and programming
Favourite toy as a child: a metre-tall walking doll
“I don't think it will ever happen, but an awareness of their impact could happen….Without war toys, I hope we'll stop looking at each other['s differences] funny.”

Steve Kisby
Artists Against War organizer
Favourite toy as a child: Meccano sets (toy construction)
“We feel that children get the message through [war] toys that they can solve problems with brute force instead of taking time to listen to others' points of view. We'd like to see that change.”